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How to Build a 30,000+ Person Waitlist

I’m Isaac, a co-founder and the Head of Marketing at Exeq. I’ve been here since day one growing our 30,000 person waitlist in preparation for launch this August. We’re growing week to week by a thousand sign ups in NYC only and we don’t plan on stopping!

Here are some tips for getting your waitlist off the ground:

1. At first, do things that don’t scale.

October 11, 2015 👶

It’s so easy to get caught up in big numbers. “We need 50,000 people within the first 6 months!” or “this app was able to get 300,000 users in 6 months, we need to beat that!” But that’s the wrong way to think in the beginning. At first, do things that don’t scale. One of the best kept secrets of product marketing is:

“First, get 100 users that LOVE your product, and watch how that number goes up and up.” 💯💯💯

Now, this doesn’t mean you ever settle. It just sets your thinking the right way, because if you can get 100, then double that the next week, and double it again, and again, you’ll be surprised how big that number gets over time.

2. You’re not too cool for email marketing.

Get those email’s into the thousands and you’re in business! 📥

When I first started, I thought all the rave was in digital marketing as it’s perceived nowadays, pouring money into Facebook advertising, optimizing for a low customer acquisition cost, and voila. Needless to say, it’s not as easy as it seems. So for that first initial push, get yourself some email lists and send those annoying emails people seem to hate. At the end of the day, it works, it gets you signups and most importantly it gets you an impression, so when you hit them again on Facebook, they remember that email and have a higher chance at engaging with your content.

3. Take it to the Streets

A NYC Company. 🌇

As discussed in my last article Take It to the Streets, part of any really successful marketing strategy is actually engaging with the people who you want to sign up. Hearing what they have to say, seeing how they respond to your product, and optimizing accordingly. Maybe people don’t love when you explain the product in a specific way, but they really go crazy when you explain it in a different way. These insights are invaluable and really helped us make our marketing more targeted and ultimately more successful.

4. Keep it real (A Content Strategy)

For the longest time, we focused on trying to create what we thought a tech company should look like. Cool dark graphics, maybe some illustrations here and there, and just general uber-esque assets. That is until we realized the most important thing in marketing anything is being genuine. Being genuine is something that people don’t see or read, its something they experience and feel. So, we went back to the drawing board and started writing what we thought was cool, and creating visuals that appealed to us, and guess what… it worked! People started engaging with us a lot more, following along and commenting on our stuff!

5. Growth Hacking with a Team

The Growth Gang in action! 📈

It’s pretty amazing how much people love engaging with new, cool things, especially if you reach out to them and make it feel special. We saw a really high success rate with signups of people that we reached out to personally, asking them if they’d like to get early access and getting them involved in the Exeq project. Now, having 10 people reach out to their network, then 15 people, then 20 people — like all good things in marketing, these efforts compound, and before we knew it we had a team of growth hackers. A group of students all pushing Exeq, racking up signups, and sharing our company and product with their friends.

6. You’re not selling, you’re sharing!

We’re now in the process of building out our brand ambassador program (If interested please reach out at friends@exeq.io!) and one of the things I always tell my squad is that we’re not selling our product, we’re sharing it! As a generation we can all use a tool that helps us spend better, be (slightly) more responsible, and help us save for our futures, and we keep that in mind when we go and approach people at the park, outside of banks, and at different events across NYC. People don’t like being sold to, they love being shared with.

These are just a few of the strategies we’ve implemented in growing our waitlist. We’re so excited for this August when we can convert everyone who’s been waiting to happy users, all spending better for a more fruitful future.

Lets do this!

-Isaac J. Kassin 🚀🚀🚀

Interested in talking marketing?

Same! Feel free to email me at Isaac@exeq.io with questions, comments, or just general thoughts!

Interested in what we’re building?

Check us out at Exeq.com, join the over 30,000 people on our waitlist and be the first to hear about our NYC-only launch this summer! 🏙️ 🚀