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2 Weeks @ Exeq 🤑

T-shirts, joggers, kicks, and shades — not your typical business attire.


Walking into the Exeq office for the first time, I immediately recognized the unique and appealing vibe of a company which prides itself on being founded by millennials, for millennials.”

The workplace is young and vibrant — the four founders embarked on this vision at only 19 years of age, and now, they broadcast a strong appeal to a bright-eyed wave of motivated, ambitious, and driven young entrepreneurs. With almost twenty five interns devoting countless hours day in and day out to Exeq, the office is an incubator for those in their youth looking to experience the ins and outs of the entrepreneurial process.

The app for better spending.

This Thursday marks my first two weeks with Exeq. I couldn’t be happier to be a part of the team. From Exeq’s hilarious CEO Derek Brown, a former LinkedIn Engineer, to one of the co- founders and Head of Marketing- Isaac Kassin, everyone treats one another as family.

As an intern working in the marketing department, I look to Isaac for my daily objectives and tasks, but I, along with my fellow interns, also look to him for wisdom and inspiration.

Flocka and Rob — Sticker gang.

One late afternoon at the office, as Isaac and I were eating dinner together, he began to tell me about how he became involved with Exeq. Dropping everything at the ripe age of 19 for a vision. Turning a vision into a company now worth millions. This complete 360-degree change from his normal day-to-day college student life to now a fast paced, meeting to meeting, challenge to challenge lifestyle was, for him, exactly what he needed.

As one of Isaac’s interns, I’m learning a great deal from him: how to manage, how to hustle, and most of all how to inspire.

From the over the phone interview, to the in person office visit, Isaac made me want to grind, to move, to execute, and to win everyday.

Exeq is unique in that a great deal of responsibility is granted to the interns. Filming and editing promotional videos, contacting the press, writing new code to further the development of the product, reaching out to consumers — the list goes on.

The Gang 🤑

This is the type of unique, transparent, and genuine respect that Exeq has for those within the family. Interns don’t just do coffee runs. Interns make the calls and sit in on the meetings. That’s the type of environment that Exeq fosters for the youth — a place where we can be both creative and create value.

If you’re down to join the team, feel free to reach out.

-Rob Sameyah, NYU 2021

Check us out at Exeq.com, join the over 30,000 people on our waitlist and be the first to hear about our NYC-only launch this summer! 🤑🚀