How does Exeq handle security?

We take security very seriously. Our connections to the banks (over 9000!) regularly undergo network penetration tests and our provider has completed a SOC2 compliance audit. We leverage the TLS protocol to retrieve your information. Your financial information and PII (personally identifiable information) are completely segregated (logically & physically) at all times in our systems. The data may be used for anonymized analysis, to provide you with further value (example: merchants similar to the ones you’re shopping at, merchants you may enjoy based on transaction history, etc.) We also leverage multi-factor authentication with our provider. Additionally, you sign up to Exeq via phone number & confirmation code sent to the device which provides a 2FA layer as well. We are bound by both moral code (our integrity) and legal code (consumer privacy laws) to treat your data with the utmost respect…it’s your data!

How does Exeq know what I'm spending?

We securely connect to your banking institution, and receive updated spending data from your bank 4-6 times per day. The first time you connect with us, we receive historical spending data from your bank as well.

How is this different than my banking app? Mint?

Exeq is a different and new type of personal finance app. It’s not a budgeting app, so much as it’s a spending app.

  • Connect with the places that you spend: see your spending there & more!

  • Love a place? Share it and get friends involved in the fun.

  • Exeq helps you quickly monitor your spending on a weekly basis.

Can I download this for Android?

We’re on the Google Play Store. Download now!

Where can I get your disclosures and legal info?

Right here!